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Extending from West 42nd street to West 47th between Broadway and 7th Avenues, lies Times Square, the symbol of New York City and a world famous hotspot and tourist attraction.  The neighborhood wasn’t always so desirable, however.  In the early to mid-1900’s, crime, corruption, and gambling inundated the dangerous neighborhood. Now, as you drive through this crowded quarter on our guided NYC TV & Movie Tour, you will notice its countless shops, advertisements, screens, and attractions… and thousands of people.

At the heart of Times Square is the Theatre District, which features both Broadway and off-Broadway shows. The magical Broadway shows are shown in 38 different theaters between 41st and 53rd Streets. Here, you can find Tony- and Olivier- Award winning shows like The Lion KingLes Miserables, and Rock of Ages. Also nearby is the infamous 42nd Street, which marks the passage way from Manhattan to many other parts of the tri-state area through Grand Central Terminal.

Considering Times Square is swamped with tourists and New Yorkers, it makes sense that there are lots of great places to grab a bite to eat. If you are looking for delicious cuisine, make sure to check out Wu Liang Ye located on 36 West 48thStreet. Also check out Virgil’s, the famous barbecue restaurant, on 152 West 44th street, or the Italian restaurant, Becco, on 355 West 46th Street. If you are in a rush then don’t worry, there are plenty of street vendors all around! Be sure to stop by the Hershey’s store for some delectable chocolate desserts; it’s located at 48th and Broadway!

It is no wonder this popular area has appeared in so many films, television series and literature, and why On Location Tours puts you in the heart of it all. With all of the restaurants, bars, shops, and attractions, you really don’t have to leave Times Square to have an exciting day and evening. On Location Tours makes sure to show all of the film highlights in this area.

Can you imagine a vacant Times Square with no people or cars?  In order to shoot the empty Times Square scene for the Oscar-nominated film, Vanilla Sky, the production was given permission to actually close Times Square in the late night/early morning hours one Sunday.  The only digital modification of the scene was changing the NASDAQ news ticker to avoid dating the film through the coverage of the presidential election.

Times Square currently serves as the primary shooting location for ABC’s Good Morning America and was formerly the headquarters for MTV’s Total Request Live. The annual Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and other New Year’s Eve celebrations are shown from multiple locations around the square.

In Deep Impact, a giant wave destroys Times Square and New York.  In Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, The Fallen shut up all the Times Square building commercials.  In I Am Legend,Will Smith and his dog go hunting for deer in a deserted Times Square.  In NBC’s Heroes, the character Hiro Nakamura, when first discovering he has the power to bend space and time, accidentally teleports himself to the middle of Times Square.

* In an effort to stay current, we are constantly updating our tours with new locations and cannot guarantee the presence of locations mentioned on our site. If you have a particular interest in locations from a specific TV show or movie, please let your tour guide know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.