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This updated version of the 1961 Parent Trap consists of twins Annie and Hallie (Lindsey Lohan) who are strangers to one another. Their divorced parents, Nick (Dennies Quaid) and Elizabeth (Natasha Richardson), are living on opposite sides of the world.

Annie and Hallie end up at the same summer camp and decide to pull a prank on their parents by doing an identity swap. Although they are identical twins, Hallie was born and raised in America while Annie was British-raised. The whole point of their scheme is to hopefully bring their family back together, with lots of pranks in between!

The movie was filmed mainly in different locations of California.

  • After the girls are seen at summer camp, we are brought back to their homes in beautiful Napa Valley, California and London, England.
  • Along with the upper class status of Elizabeht James being a world renowned wedding dress designer, her house is located in the upmarket borough of Kensington.
  • Nick’s gorgeous house on a wine vineyard is of course located in the winemaking center of California, Napa Valley.
  • The filming location where the twins are in a fencing match, takes place at a real life summer camp called Camp Steely which is north of San Bernardino in California.
  • The interior shots for the scene where Elizabeth sees the two girls together for the first time is located in Stafford Hotel, but for the exterior shots, they are placed in The Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena, California.
  • The camping trip scene takes place on Lake Gregory in Crestline.
  • The scene where Nick informs Annie that he is going to marry Meredith is filmed on the Staglin Family Vineyard, which is a real vineyard in Napa.

A fun fact about Lindsay Lohan is that she won the Best Performance in a Feature Film at the Young Artist Awards in 1999.


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