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10 Best Gossip Girl Outfits Ever 


It was ten years ago that the addicting Gossip Girl television series took over the minds and hearts of millions of fashionistas in the US & across the globe. Not only was everyone, watching to see what shenanigans were going on that week amongst Manhattan’s elite Upper East Side, but, of course, they were sitting on the edge of their seats to see what Serena, Blair, and all the others would be wearing. In fact, some say this show may have been the first show written to as a fashion marketing vehicle.

Let’s journey down memory lane to view some of the styles that “took off” because they appeared on the much-watched show.

1. The body-con, or the Herve Leger bandage dress,  showed up on every fast fashion company’s website in existence at the time.


2. Colored leggings were also a recurring trend by Serena & Blair on Gossip Girl, they used them to add a little pop & flare to their outfits.


3. Rarified school uniforms, worn with an assemblage of couture accessories was de rigor.

4. Jenny sported the much-duplicated goth-look, pretty much perfectly.

5. Blair became enamored of blouses with bows around the neck.

6. Blair was quite a fan of sequins, and we honestly don’t blame her.

7. Serena & Blair never shied away from the occasional bow-head look.

8. Now, who could forget this iconic green coat that Blair wore stylishly with her amazing bag? (it wouldn’t be a Gossip Girl Fashion list without this coat)

9. This colorful, rainy-day-look was one of Blair Waldorf’s most iconic, say fashionistas. (Blair can certainly brighten up a rainy New York day with this outfit!)

10. Serena Van der Woodsen was pretty much the master of the maxi dress and rocking it all while making it look so effortless.

The show was so popular in the teen-girl and young adult categories that many tourists visited & still visit New York to see the girls’ stomping grounds. To check out some of your favorite moments from the show were filmed, join us on our Gossip Girl Sites Tour.

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