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Here’s the latest insider news from the best ghostwriter you know! Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to live like “it-girl” Serena van der Woodsen, or style yourself like the iconic Blair Waldorf? Our Gossip Girl Sites Tour is perfect for all fans, fashionistas, and gossipers! You’ll explore some of the most luxurious spots in the Upper East Side and Midtown Manhattan. And just like Luna La, we make sure to keep up with trends even if we’re not the ones making them, meaning you’ll also spot locations used in the reboot as well!

If you happen to crave a sweet, why don’t you consider Ladurée? Their macaroons are to die for! Or grab your books as you head off to the City of Museum of New York, also known as Constance Billard & St. Jude’s schools in Gossip Girl. And you don’t want to forget to wear your best looks when you grace the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art like Queen B herself.

Here’s one last insider tip: Make sure you use our code OLTMOVIE10 when you book your tour for a special discount. XOXO G.G.

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