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Blue Bloods

Starring: Donnie Wahlberg, Tom Selleck

Filming: 44th Street & 6th Avenue, Manhattan

The 9th season of the popular CBS drama series is well underway, and we can’t wait to see how these new developments in the Reegan family end up.


Law & Order: SVU

Starring: Mariska Hargitay

Filming: West 12th & Washington Street, Manhattan

Current Season 12 of SVU allows  it to be tied with Gunsmoke for the longest running drama in the U.S., and we can’t wait for Olivia Benson to solve more cases in NYC.


The Joker

Starring: Joaquin Phoenix

Filming: Steiner Studios, Brooklyn

Coming to theaters in October 2019, this film will tell the story of how a failed stand up comedian eventually becomes the iconic Batman villain.



Starring: Paul Giamatti, Damian Lewis

Filming: Water Street & Old Dock Street, Brooklyn

The end of season 3 saw (spoiler) Taylor creating a new firm, and we can’t wait to see what happens next in this financial Showtime drama.



Starring: Ben McKenzie

Filming: 7th Avenue & 30th Street, Manhattan

After Gotham City was evacuated at the end of last season, it will be interesting to see where the show goes from here. The fifth and final season of the superhero centred show is coming in early 2019 and you can see locations from the show on our Super Tour of NYC.



Starring: Josh Dallas

Filming: Silvercup Studios, Long Island City

In this new NBC high concept series, a group of passengers survive a three hour plane crash and find out that five years have passed in the world around them.



Starring: Chris Meloni

Filming: 40th Avenue & 10th Street, Long Island City

Syfy’s black comedy fantasy series is returning for a second season. The series centers around a hitman who meets a blue unicorn imaginary friend.


Search Party

Starring: Alia Shawkat

Filming: Douglas Parkway & North Boulevard, Queens

Search Party, the dark comedy about New York resident Dory, is returning to TBS for a season 3 soon.


Fair and Balanced

Starring: Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie, John Lithgow, Allison Janney, Kate McKinnon

Filming: 44th Street & 6th Avenue, Manhattan

With a star studded cast, the director behind Meet the Parents is in for the film based on the real life events between former Fox chairman and female Fox News personnel.


Modern Love

Starring: TBA

Filming: Woodhull Hospital, Brooklyn

Based on the New York Times column, this rom-com anthology series is written and directed by the creator of Once and Sing Street, and is set to premiere on Amazon next year.



Starring: Alan Cumming

Filming: East 72nd Street & 5th Avenue, Manhattan

Based on the book Murder Games, Instinct is returning for a second season on CBS, Alan Cumming stars in this procedural thriller taking place in NYC.


Bad Education

Starring: Hugh Jackman

Filming: 3rd Avenue & 89th Street, Brooklyn

With a cast with the likes of Hugh Jackman, Allison Janney, Alex Wolff, and Ray Romano, and director Cory Finley of Thoroughbreds fame, we can’t wait to see this dramedy, set for release next year.


Madam Secretary

Starring: Tea Leoni

Filming: Henry Street & Clark, Brooklyn

This CBC political drama returns, this season with some high profile cameos with the likes of Hillary Clinton.


Jessica Jones

Starring: Krysten Ritter

Filming: Court Square, Long Island City

Jessica Jones Season 3 is currently being filmed in Brooklyn, and we can’t wait for it to hit Netflix, and to add new locations to our Super Tour of NYC.


The Village

Starring: Lorraine Toussaint

Filming: Atlantic Avenue & Henry Street, Brooklyn

This new NBC series centers on multiple stories from families that all reside in the same building in Brooklyn.



Starring: Michelle Williams, Sam Rockwell

Filming: 18th Street & Park Avenue, Manhattan

Michelle Williams and Sam Rockwell star as the titular real life dancers in this new FX drama series.


New Amsterdam

Starring: Ryan Eggold

Filming: 1st Avenue & 23rd Street

This new NBC medial series has the coveted post This Is Us spot, and season 1 continues to film in Manhattan.