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Kerry Ipema is a Carrie with a Miranda rising. But let’s be real, she’s also a Charlotte and a Samantha… and come to think of it a Mr. Big and an Aiden, too. Actually, she’s every single character in the iconic HBO series in the new show One Woman Sex and the City: A Parody of Love, Friendship, & Shoes. In just 90 minutes, you’ll relive all six seasons of the show, complete with sex puns a plenty. You’ll even get to hear Kerry’s rendition of the instrumental theme song each season. (Trust me, it’s a treat.)

On one Thursday night, the Sex and the City tour guides took the show by storm and were entertained and laughing throughout. But even the members of the audience that hadn’t seen the whole show were hysterical, too. It even changes every night, with the opportunity to submit bad date stories and deal breakers at intermission, and then shared with a fun Sex and the City twist.

Ally, Lou, and Elyse get ready for the show to start.

Not only was it fun to watch, it was actually a pretty helpful recap of the show, reminding us of the storylines that you may have forgotten about. And of course it’s 2018, so it wouldn’t be complete without some modern day commentary. (Um, HOW did Samantha never have an STD scare but all three of the other girls did!?)

One of our star tour guides Lou said it was “An incredibly charming love letter to Sex and the City that strikes the perfect balance between homage and good natured irreverent humor. I left even more captivated by the series than before!”

The show is playing at the Jerry Orbach Theater on 1627 Broadway at 50th Street. Tickets are available for $47 at the box office (212-921-7862) and also on Ticketmaster. And of course, your Sex and the City New York attractions wouldn’t be complete without hopping on the Sex and the City Hotspots Tour.

Kerry and the guides channel their pondering/cigarette smoking Carrie.