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Fourth of July has come and gone and in our books, that means summer is half way through. So, with 8 weeks left until Labor Day, we’ve put together a Summer 2013 Bucket List, with our top 8 “must-dos” before fall hits!

1. Catch a free flick in the park

At On Location Tours, we are all about TV shows and movies, so number one on our list is to grab a blanket, some snacks and catch a free summer movie in a city park.


2. Dance in the rain without getting wet

New York City has had it’s fair share of rain this summer, but we are dying to check out Rain Room, the latest exhibit at the MoMa, where you can step inside a field of falling water that pauses wherever a human body is detected. (The exhibit ends July 28th, so get there soon!)


3. Have a beach vacation in New York City

We found this list of beachy “staycation” bars right here in New York City! Who doesn’t love the best of both worlds?


4. Go stargazing on the High Line

Spotting a shooting star New York City is no easy feat, but every Tuesday, beginning at dusk, you can look up from the highline through the high-powered telescopes of the Amateur Astronomers Association.


6.  Cruise around on a Citi Bike

As the latest (and most blatant) installation to New York City this summer, riding through the city on a Citi Bike is something we couldn’t leave off of our list.


7. Check out a New York City flea market.

You never know what sort of treasures you might find at flea market in the most diverse city in the world – and this city has plenty of them! We will definitely be bargain hunting at one of Business Insider’s 2013’s best flea markets.


8.  Chill out in Central Park.

With plenty to do in New York City, like taking an On Location Tour (AND LOVING IT!) our last NYC summer must-do is to just take a second to relax. Have a picnic in Sheep Meadow, a stroll past Bethesda Fountain, take a nap on Cherry Hill and have moment to unwind.