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The latest version of A Star Is Born is in theaters and it’s already doing well commercially and successfully. Let’s relive the original three versions, all TCM classics if you ask us, and available to stream on FilmStruck, and see how they compare to the latest film. 

The Original: 1937

Starring: Janet Gaynor & Frederic March

Best Part: The originality! There’s a reason A Star Is Born gets remade again and again, as the story of fame and addiction remains relevant.

Worst Part: Unfortunately, although there is one song, this is the only version that isn’t a musical.

The Remake: 1954

Starring: Judy Garland & James Mason

Best Part: Judy Garland’s Oscar nominated performance. Her acting and singing is top notch here, and it’s compelling to watch her journey.

Worst Part: The run time. Ranging from 154-182 minutes in varying versions, this remake drags a bit long.

The Rock Musical: 1976

Starring: Barbra Streisand & Kris Kristofferson

Best Part: “Evergreen”, the theme from the film that won a Grammy, Oscar, and became one of Barbra Streisand’s biggest hits.

Worst Part: The pacing, as this version is a little more disjointed and melodramatic than the others.

The New One: 2018

Starring: Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper

Best Part: The two leads’ chemistry. Their performances in every scene together is electrifying to watch, feeling realer than ever.

Worst Part: The geographic location. Twitter is still trying to figure out why Lady Gaga and her dad talk in thick New York accents, drive to Arizona, and simultaneously taking planes and cars to get to LA.