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Yannick Ferreira Carrasco et al. standing in front of a store

Picture this. It’s July 1989, you’re enjoying your last summer of the decade. You try out a new show called Seinfeld one week… and the next week you go see the new Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan movie When Harry Met Sally in theaters. Fast forward 30 years, and people are still coming to New York from near and far just to see some of these filming locations!


The When Harry Met Seinfeld Tour begins north of Times Square and heads through the famous Upper West and Upper East Side. It gives you a great overview of multiple places and buildings from your favorite TV shows and movies. It’s the perfect opportunity to take a trip through a few of Manhattan’s most popular neighborhoods and take pictures in front and inside of a few of the most legendary filming locations.


This location just has to be number one! You might wonder why, because Tom’s Restaurant might not sound familiar to you at all; but what about Monk’s Cafe…does that ring a bell? It’s the infamous diner featured in the 1989 TV sitcom Seinfeld. At this stop of the tour you should not miss taking a picture in front of this legendary filming location. 


Next up is Cafe Lalo which was featured in the 1998 romantic comedy-drama movie You’ve Got Mail. This is where Joe (Tom Hanks) stands up Kathleen (Meg Ryan), once he peeks in the window and realizes that she is the woman behind the screen name. It’s an essential scene in the movie and your perfect opportunity to again take some great pictures but also to get some delicious cheesecake, cookies and/or coffee.  


Not quite satisfied from that yet? Than the next location on the list is for you! Zabar’s is a specialty food store, founded by Louis Zabar, featured in Manhattan and You’ve Got Mail and that way serves as one of the best known commercial landmarks of the neighborhood. Unfortunately, during this tour, you do not actually get to go inside, but it is definitely worth checking out at one point, maybe even during the TCM Classic Film Tour where you have the chance to go inside, shop around and get some great food to munch on during the bus ride or even take more home with you.


The next location is just iconic. Serving as the inspiration of the original “Soup Nazi” character in the sixth episode of the seventh season of Seinfeld, it is one of the most authentic places to get food and have a true Seinfeld-moment of your very own. The only trouble is, you have to stand in line and follow his rules or “No Soup For You!”


This spot is another just legend- …wait for it… -dary moment of the tour! McGee’s pub, easy to see, was the inspiration and heart and soul of the popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother, MacLaren’s bar, where the group always gets together at the end of the day, or even in the beginning, and shares food, drinks and a lot of great experiences. Here, you not only get a great feeling for what a true HIMYM-moment feels like, but also get the chance to have some food and drinks as the perfect closing of your tour, while saving money with the discount you get because of taking the When Harry Met Seinfeld Tour!


You can’t miss Katz’s Diner, the spot of the iconic “I’ll have what she’s having” scene in When Harry Met Sally. While it’s not on the When Harry Met Seinfeld Tour, you’ll have the opportunity to visit this spot on the East Village TV & Movie Sites Tour.


Whether you are a major When Harry Met Sally and/or Seinfeld fan or just a general film geek who likes visiting the locations where some of the most iconic moments in TV & movie history took place, this tour is definitely for you and should not be missed! Grab your camera and join us for a fun, informative and enjoyable tour through upper Manhattan!