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  1. The Sixes Restaurant –  The Wolf of Wall Street

Nominated for five oscars including Best Picture, The Wolf of Wall Street shocked audiences in 2013. You can see the building where Mark Hanna (Matthew McConaughey) and Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio) go for lunch at the now closed Sixes restaurant on the NYC TV & Movie Tour.

  1. The Dakota – Rosemary’s Baby

This thriller from 1968 was filmed in New York, including the creepy building where most of the action goes down in the movie. You can see The Dakota Building on the TCM Classic Film Tour. Rosemary’s Baby was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay and also won an award for Ruth Gordon’s performance in the Best Supporting Actress Category.

  1. Hook & Ladder Firehouse – Ghostbusters

The original 1984 movie that started all of the ghostbusting was nominated for Best Visual Effects and Best Original Song, and you can see the iconic firehouse that the gang uses as headquarters on the NYC TV & Movie Sites Tour.

  1. Queensboro Bridge – Manhattan

The iconic shot of the bridge in this Woody Allen film is a stop on the TCM Classic Film Tour. Manhattan was nominated for two Oscars, Best Supporting Actress for Mariel Hemingway and Best Original Screenplay.

  1. This years Oscar Nominations!

This year, we’re rooting for the New York made movies like Can You Ever Forgive Me, Green Book, and Avengers: Infinity War. Hoping that they take home the gold!