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Still stinging from Cynthia Nixon’s loss for New York governor, but doesn’t mean we can’t dream! Read on for five reasons why Miranda Hobbes herself should have been governor of New York.


  1. She’s a lawyer

If there’s one thing Miranda knows like no other (besides rocking the short haircut), it’s the law. From the beginning, Miranda has always excelled when it comes to her career as a lawyer. Seems like a pretty good thing to understand in terms of government, if you ask us!

  1. She has high expectations.

Miranda knows what she wants when it comes to work, friends, and men. Obviously, this translates to a driven, hardworking governor who won’t settle for anything less than what the state of New York deserves.

  1. She knows how to work with people.

Whether it be with her friends, her on and off boyfriends, or her own family, Miranda knows how to work with all different kind of people. If she can slay this hard balancing the girls, Steve, her workplace, and her child, surely she can handle the New York governor’s office!


  1. She’s the voice of reason.

She is always the voice of reason among her friends. You can count on Miranda to always have the right answer and push you in the right direction. She’d know exactly what direction to push the state as governor. Can you believe this woman?

  1. She’s incredibly smart… and she knows New York.

Just a reminder, Miranda graduated from HARVARD LAW SCHOOL. That’s just a little impressive, right? She has even more knowledge about her city, New York, and would have been the perfect 5th lady.