Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central is a favorite filming location in New York City. Also known as Grand Central Station or Grand Central Terminal, the famous New York City filming location serves as a commuter railway station for millions of people coming in and out of Manhattan everyday.

Manager of production at Grand Central, Kyle McCartney explains the location as “one of the quintessential New York places. Whether filmmakers need an establishing shot of arriving in New York or transportation scenes, the restored landmark building is visually appealing and authentic.”

In 2012, Grand Central appeared in the blockbuster The Avengers and prime time hits GleeSmash and Gossip Girl. For over 50 years, Grand Central has served as backdrop for countless films such as:

(1959) North By Northwest
(1974) The Taking of Pelham 123
(1978) Superman: The Movie
(1984) Falling in Love
(1984) The Cotton Club
(1987) The Untouchables
(1988) Midnight Run
(1988) The House on Carroll Street
(1989) Michael Palin: Around the World in 80 Days
(1990) The Freshman
(1991) The Prince of Tides
(1991) The Fisher King
(1993) Carlito’s Way
(1995) Hackers
(1996) One Fine Day
(1997) Conspiracy Theory
(1997) Men In Black
(1999) The Bone Collector
(2000) Loser
(2000) Unbreakable
(2004) Around the World in 80 Days
(2004) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
(2004) The Perfect Score
(2007) I Am Legend
(2008) Revolutionary Road
(2009) Duplicity
(2010) Step Up 3
(2011) Arthur
(2011) Friends with Benefits

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