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Baby, it’s cold outside! …And we’re over it. Seriously. 100+ inches of snow here in Boston is enough. Since we don’t want to leave the house at this point (and we figure you don’t either) we’ve pulled together our top picks for Boston-based movies so you’ll have something fun to watch while you keep warm inside. 

Gone Baby Gone. We bet you haven’t seen this one in a while. It’s time to watch it again and then get yourself over to Murphy’s Law to warm up with a stiff drink.

Ted. We know, you’ve seen this a hundred times but since Ted 2 is coming out this Spring it’s a good time to catch up with our little cuddle bear.

Ted Tour in Boston

American Hustle. We bet you didn’t know this was actually filmed in Boston. And, if you love Jennifer Lawrence she’s back in town filming a new movie, Joy.

Next Stop Wonderland. This is a little gem with Philip Seymour Hoffman that’s just perfect for a night on the couch. Never heard of it? Trust us, it’s worth your time and a good excuse to stay inside.